OmniCore RADD

Therapy Automation

What is RADD?

RADD stands for Reactive Adaptive Drug Delivery.

It's a radical and novel approach to Type I Diabetes therapy.

An autonomous system that makes and executes treatment decisions with a minimal setup and no further user involvement.

Who is it for?

OmniCore RADD is is designed to work for anyone with Type I Diabetes; regardless of age, lifestyle and experience.

What makes it 'novel'?


Here are the major differences in comparison to existing commercial and DIY closed loop systems:

  • Mealtime insulin is automatically calculated - eat and drink without counting carbs.
  • Basal insulin is automatically calculated - no fixed day/time schedule.
  • Insulin effect is automatically calculated - no sensitivities, ratios, action times, insulin types, curves.

Does it work?

Yes it does. Have a look at the working samples.

How does it work?

In a nutshell:

  • An analysis on your past CGM and insulin infusion data generates an individualized algorithm that simulates your glucose metabolism.
  • This simulation runs every time when new data arrives, generating an updated glucose profile.
  • Based on the updated glucose profile, the algorithm makes short and long term predictions for future glucose production and uptake.
  • The results of the prediction are fed into a decision-making system, that makes a proposal based on risk/benefit assessment of predicted variables.
  • The proposal is received by the closed loop system, that sends infusion commands to the pump(s).
  • In the meantime, the individualized algorithms in all subsystems are constantly adapting to new findings, as a result of the continuous optimization process that runs a further analysis on past and newly acquired data.

These calculations take place on a distributed cluster of high performance computers in the cloud.

How does ... work?

Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions about RADD

If you are feeling adventurous: A brief look at behind the scenes [Added Jan 30th]

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Would it work for me?

Take the eligibility test to find out!

Can I try it?

Yes! Read here for more details: OmniCore RADD Early Access Program

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