OmniCore RADD Early Access Program

About the program

The early access is an experimental program, for those interested in trying out RADD.

The program is free of charge and will go on as long as it stays financially feasible.

Please read: Detailed information on the early access program.


  • At least one Android mobile device running xDrip or the Dexcom Mobile app
  • Same android mobile device running the OmniCore App
  • A RileyLink or a compatible BLE to 433MHz radio relay
  • Internet connectivity on the Android mobile device, allowing for up to 500MB/month data via WiFi or LTE
  • Availability

    To optimize costs, the program will be expanded periodically every time the number of pending applications reach a certain threshold. Access to the program will be granted gradually, in batches ordered by date of registration.

    Once you have registered, you will be enlisted in a waiting queue. You can then see your position in the queue along with an expected date for program entry and will get updates by e-mail.

    Start Dates

    The program will launch on February 21st., 2022 and welcome its first batch of users.

    The next batch will follow as soon as the first threshold has been reached as explained in program details.


    You can register by creating an OmniCore account and opting in for the RADD early access program.

    Follow the link below to create your account:

    Account Registration

    OmniCore Software

    OmniCore Mobile and OmniCore Web are beta software and will be released in due time before the first batch of OmniCore RADD program activations.

    Aside from executing RADD automation decisions; these applications let you manually control pods and view relevant CGM data either locally or remotely.

    If you want to use OmniCore ONLY for manual access, you don't have to enlist in this program or wait to be accepted. In that case, please follow the Github Page of OmniCore for more information and to be notified of releases.

    If you have created an OmniCore account for the purposes of remote access or for the RADD program as described here, you will be automatically notified.

    More Information

    Detailed information on the early access program.

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