Three Meals of the Day

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In the examples below you can see how RADD manages to reach range on three different mealtimes during the course of the same day.

These are examples of meal times without overlap, i.e. the glucose uptake resulting from one meal does not overlap with the start of another meal.

Non-overlapping meals are good for demonstration purposes, as the algorithm's behavior can be observed and understood easier with respect to glucose uptake. They are however not a rule of thumb for the algorithm, since each situation is treated and handled uniquely.

1. Breakfast

This is a high carb breakfast combined with physical activity (walking to school) at the 08:05 mark, where sensor noise can also be observed.

Blood glucose levels at breakfast usually go higher than what's depicted in this sample, therefore OmniCore RADD was on active targeting setting. Due to an unusually high physical activity level, the expected rise in BG did not happen.

RADD did not overreact despite the aggressive setting and noisy sensor.

2. Lunch

Lunch at 12:30. OmniCore RADD reacts proactively almost immediately to the rising BG at 13:00 mark, despite targeting type setting at "balanced".

This prediction and the early reaction is very significant, as evidenced later with the rising levels around the 14:00 mark. Without the initial high bolus, BG levels would likely have gone above 16 mmol/L.

3. Dinner

Dinner at 18:30. Despite some sensor noise at the 20:00 mark, basals are kept for an additional 10 minutes, until sensor noise becomes more significant.

Evidence for delayed gastric emptying starting at 21:00 mark (due to sleep), resulting in an increased time to range within 4 hours of prandial start.

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Technical Details
  • Single infusion site (back of the arm)
  • Unfiltered CGM sensor data, mostly noisy during highs.
  • No additional insulin injection.
  • No glucagon infusion.
  • Pump programmed with 0.8U/h basal schedule over 24h at all times.
RADD Setup:
  • Target: 5.5 mmol/L (100 mg/dL)
  • Low target: 4.4 mmol/L (80 mg/dL)
  • Extreme low: 3.3 mmol/L (60 mg/dL)
  • Targeting mode: Active (Breakfast), Balanced (Lunch & Dinner)
  • Analytic data going back ~2 years
Hardware Setup:
  • Omnipod Eros with Fiasp
  • Dexcom G6 Sensor & Transmitter
  • OmniCore Oyster Prototype for reading CGM data
  • OmniCore Oyster Prototype for expedited pod comms